Let's See Where The Mycelium Takes Us!
Mycelium is an underground fungal network that covers the globe and allows for plant life to grow and remediate toxins together. Much like mycelium, there is a global network of emergent strategy practitioners who are engaging the principles and elements as core strategy development tools.

ESII Trainings

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute is a hub of exchange and learning. We practice decentralization by scaling up the skills and practices within movement. 

We will open a series of public facilitation trainings in 2022 based upon the book Holding Change, the way of Emergent Strategy facilitation.

The Emergent Strategy Podcast

The official podcast of ESII – we dive deeply into the life, practice and experimentation of a person or group who we see as living embodiments of emergent strategy. Hosts are Sage Crump, Mia Herndon and adrienne maree brown.

Emergent Strategy asks how we get in right relationship with change, and can we refine our strategies to align with the constantly changing conditions of our complex society?

Murmurations for YES Magazine

Mediation Directory And Resources

Mediation is the work to hold people through conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding or relationship change.ESII has partnered with BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health) to develop this directory of Black mediators and other resources.

Emergent Strategy And Other Related Texts Can Be Found Here!

You can also find other books in the Emergent Strategy series through our publisher AK Press.

ESII Newsletter

Made a Universe: A conversation with Tunde Olanrian

September 22, 2022

Emergent Strategy Facilitation Trainings

June 21+22, 27+28, 2022

ESII is hosting an facilitation and mediation training for movement workers.

Allied Media Conference

June 30- July 3, 2022

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The ESII Network

ESII moves at the speed of trust, designing processes that get the right folks in the room to do the work that is most needed in these times.  Step by step, we hold space for envisioning what that future could be and strategies for getting there.  

We make a path for long term relationships and build the organizing capacity of local and national leaders to shift power, resources and relationships toward liberation. We focus our efforts on the fractal: small scale practice with potential for intentional growth in communities across the country.