Let's see where the
mycelium takes us!

Mycelium is an underground fungal network that covers the globe and allows for plant life to grow and remediate toxins together. Much like mycelium, there is a global network of emergent strategy practitioners who are engaging the principles and elements as core strategy development tools.

ESII Podcast

Listen to the ESII collective in conversation with brilliant emergent strategists in a variety of fields. These discussions traverse concepts of transformation in spirit, governance, philanthropy and justice movements. These discussions broaden the ways we all think about how emergent strategy.

Emergent Strategy Praxis Projects: The Unification of Theory and Practice

This year Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute (ESII) has begun a new program, Praxis Projects. Praxis Projects is a cohort of folks applying emergent strategy for transformation in their communities. For 6 months, the projects work through specific questions of practice with each other and with an ES coach. We are excited to deepen with this first cohort.

ESII Trainings

Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute is a hub of exchange and learning. We practice decentralization by scaling up the skills and practices within movement. We will open a series of public facilitation trainings in 2022 based upon the book Holding Change, the way of Emergent Strategy facilitation.

Expand Your Personal
Practice With Immersions!

Immersions have been the core of ESII. Due to the pandemic, we’ve pivoted to developing tools for folks to be able hold immersions within their own community.

The Immersion Guide will be available later this year. Stay tuned.

Murmurations for YES

Mediation Directory and Resources

Mediation is the work to hold people through conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding or relationship change.ESII has partnered with BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health) to develop this directory of Black mediators and other resources.

Emergent Strategy and other related texts can be found here!

You can also find other books in the Emergent Strategy series through our publisher AK Press.